Go with the flow.

September 2014

Indiana Photo Safari

Me and Mike went around all of Carroll County this Saturday getting some stock video shots for a video marketing project we are working on. While on the road getting what we needed, we also took the opportunity to get some amazingly beautiful shots. It was a long day, and we covered a lot of miles, but we took lots of amazing pictures and videos. I’m excited to share just

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College of Liberal Arts

Full time, I manage and update Purdue’s College of Liberal Arts website. It’s current iteration was a design that I spearheaded and implemented 6 months into starting my position. We are currently in the middle of another update to a design that I didn’t have a hand in, but the screen shot is of my previous work.

The Night

Winter is Coming

This is a collection of photos from Winter 2013/14.


This is a collection of miscellaneous photos.


I had the pleasure of attending the firework show at Camp Tecumseh YMCA. It is a private show that is put on for the campers during the 4th of July week. Had a great night taking some spectacular shots.

Home Photos

This was a little photo shoot that I did at my Parents’ house.

Another Angle

This was compiled from the GoPro footage I had from the Franke Wedding.


Franke Wedding. It was my first video for the summer wedding season. Lots of fun, beautiful day, and wonderful people.


This was a fun wedding to work. Not only was it enjoyable meeting the Kamwendo family, but it was a wedding unlike any other I have ever worked on.