Go with the flow.

March 2016

Purdue Showcase

These are a few of the photos that I’ve taken while I’ve worked at Purdue. I try to get out a few times every month (when it’s not snowing) to get some shots to use for email campaigns, web banners, and graphic deliverables.

Web Tools

Google Calendar // OpenCalendar I had a request for a calendaring implementation to be created for easy management of events utilizing Google Calendar. This projects was a tough one as I had to teach myself how to use the Google API and successfully pull information from the various calendars into a single usable design. It has a simple backend interface that allows for the user to submit an event to

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Tecumseh Heroes

This was a fun little project where I composited and edited footage provided by my friend Mike Lang to create an introduction video for an event at Camp Tecumseh YMCA. We had a lot of fun putting it all together.

Swimming in the Gorge

I took a summer vacation trip with my Sister to Tennessee. On our great adventure, camping, rafting, and hiking we came across this really cool gorge that we could go swimming in. The water was really cold! It was such a great experience and really want to go back again soon to explore more of the area.

Directory System

One of the projects I’m most proud of is the Directory system that I built for the College of Liberal Arts. It’s a multipart system with a standalone administration system as well as a public facing web application that can be placed all over the CLA website. Notable features: When clicking a users name, it brings up their profile in the system. This pulls all data associated to the person

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College of Liberal Arts Web Update 2.5

As the web developer for the College of Liberal Arts I’m constantly looking at ways to tweak, retool, and improve our web experience. The latest retooling has been updating the website templates to be a bit more modern, add more functionality, and follow the trends of the main Purdue website. You can view the website to see the use of bootstrap to dynamically change the display of the main content

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