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Purdue Memorial Union // Academic Banquet

I worked as the photographer for an academic banquet for the College of Liberal Arts.

Purdue Memorial Union // Wedding

I worked as a second shooter for this wedding in the Purdue Memorial Union.

Such Family Photos

This is a gallery of a select few shots from a family photo shoot.


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a leadership group that comes out to Camp Tecumseh in March and April. I’ve taken photos the past few years.

Beauty and the Beast

These are photos taken from my a middle school production of Beauty and the Beast. Directed by Amy Dorn.

Purdue Showcase

These are a few of the photos that I’ve taken while I’ve worked at Purdue. I try to get out a few times every month (when it’s not snowing) to get some shots to use for email campaigns, web banners, and graphic deliverables.

Indiana Photo Safari

Me and Mike went around all of Carroll County this Saturday getting some stock video shots for a video marketing project we are working on. While on the road getting what we needed, we also took the opportunity to get some amazingly beautiful shots. It was a long day, and we covered a lot of miles, but we took lots of amazing pictures and videos. I’m excited to share just

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The Night

Winter is Coming

This is a collection of photos from Winter 2013/14.


This is a collection of miscellaneous photos.

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