Go with the flow.

College of Liberal Arts Web Update 2.5


As the web developer for the College of Liberal Arts I’m constantly looking at ways to tweak, retool, and improve our web experience. The latest retooling has been updating the website templates to be a bit more modern, add more functionality, and follow the trends of the main Purdue website. You can view the website to see the use of bootstrap to dynamically change the display of the main content boxes on the page. There’s about 4-5 different stops that things get resized to.

Another interesting feature about  the homepage is the inclusion of a main story feature. This can easily be updated and changed out on the back end by editing 3 text boxes with the post text, the image url, and the link url. Super easy for use by our content editors.

The last feature to point out is the newsfeed. Originally I had used a service to provide the feed for me to embed into the page without much coding on my end. Unfortunately it wasn’t secure, and looking for other options and resources I found that Google discontinued recently a service that is used by many feed generators and scripts. Fortunately I came across a package that allows me to read the feed into JSON and then modify from there.


The next big push of the update was to improve our audience pages for the top level pages, as well as audience pages at the department level. Borrowing many ideas from the Main Purdue site, I was able to reach this design that has it’s own distinct feel and style.

On the backend of things, I’ve modified the template to have an extra row of content that can be turned on and off with the click of a checkbox. Making it easy to customize the audience page to fit the needs of the area.


I also worked closely with one of our Visual Communications Design professors in creating new templates to be used by departments allowing for more unique displays of content.