Go with the flow.

Web Tools

Google Calendar // OpenCalendar


I had a request for a calendaring implementation to be created for easy management of events utilizing Google Calendar. This projects was a tough one as I had to teach myself how to use the Google API and successfully pull information from the various calendars into a single usable design. It has a simple backend interface that allows for the user to submit an event to add to a specific calendar, while also sending a confirmation email to the site’s administrator.


Table Maker


One of the most common requests I have received as a web developer is help creating tables of data. The form used by our CMS makes it difficult to manage large tables, so to meet this need I created a web application that takes an excel document and outputs HTML code for the user to then paste into their webpage. The added feature of this is the inclusion of responsive CSS code custom for the table data.

Image Resizer


Another common request deals with banner images. I had some free time one day and decided to create a small little javascript application that allows a user to upload a photo, resize and crop that photo for use as a banner on the website. All in all a fun little web application.



I’ve worked on many tutorials for our content management system going step by step on how to make changes and updates to webpages. I try to include as many photos as possible illustrating the necessary steps and what a user should be seeing when editing a web page.

Application Systems


I’ve created many application systems for Scholarships, awards, submissions for photo contests, grants, scholarship letters, alumni event registration. Depending on the needs of the system; some application systems can be incredibly complex such as sending emails to the applicant and administration team as the application moves throughout the approval process. Others are very simple with only a form and admin system showing all entries. As I am approached for each application I try to find ways to improve my code, improve my design, and improve the user experience.